Module 3

Unit Eleven: Directions and Places

In this unit, you will be able to identify specific places in Browning and surrounding areas. You will learn cardinal directions,  North,South, East,  and West. When you are finished, you will be able to identify the different places on the map in the next section with the vocabulary words that you mastered in this unit.

Unit Twelve: Culture

Although culture has been involved in many of these lessons.   It is important, when learning this language to dedicate a Unit entirely to the Blackfoot culture.

Unit Thirteen: Prayer and Blessings

You will demonstrate an understanding of the cultural importance of prayer and blessings in Blackfoot, as well as some basic related vocabulary.  Faith is important in the Blackfoot culture.  

Unit Fourteen: Hobbies

This Unit focuses on hobbies and nature, since many hobbies are utilized outdoors, we have added some nature terms to this as well. This vocabulary will help expand your conversation vocabulary. 

Unit Fifteen: Conversation and Transitive Animate Sentences

You  will have a conversation using simple sentence construction with Transitive Sentences.